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Ecoshine_TrapoHex_image_key features

Trapo Hex

When we introduce Trapo Hex, there’s only one thing in mind, to provide the ultimate anti-slip solution for premium cars. Nothing is compromised, from design to functionality, we have blended the best of both world. Our revolutionary Trapo Fix technology, the best in the market in terms of anti-slip performance, comes installed with every Trapo Hex car mats. Precision laser-cut metal plate with Trapo Hex initials are included to complete the premium package.

Trapo Classic Mark II

With active bacteria-killing agents infused into our new Trapo Classic Mark II Car Mats, it is now able to provide the ultimate hygiene solution to all drivers. Through years of research & development, Trapo Classic Mark II is the first ever car mat in Malaysia that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, a step forward in elevating your driving experience.

Ecoshine_Trapo Classic Mark II_image
Ecoshine_TrapoHex_image_key features
Ecoshine_Trapo Eco_image
Ecoshine_Trapo Eco_image_key features

Trapo Eco

Trapo Eco, as the name suggests, is our most eco-friendly product to date. Made almost entirely from recycled materials, Trapo put manufacturing wastage to greater use.

Since it is made from recycled material, Trapo Eco is our most affordable car mat. But don’t be deceived by the low price. We remained all the features that customers need and even improved both aesthetically & functionality.